Wednesday, August 15, 2012


"Hair styles men find appealing" from an early version of Fascinating Womanhood
I love when self-help books get specific about what a reader can do to change her life for the better. These are the tips that every reader must understand to know you've found the sage wisdom. Fascinating Womanhood has several gems, particularly, the hair and fashion guidelines. These tips for women to change their appearance suggest the change will bring greater success in marriage and relationships.

 Which hairstyle would you pick?

Have you noticed a difference when you change your hairstyle?


  1. i think the hairstyles i find appealing would be too hard to accomplish with my hair... i like mega flip on the bottom and the one to the right, but usually end up with a pony like the one in the middle. I do notice a change when i change my hair. usually my husband is sad that i cut it and wishes it was more like it was before i changed it... which leads to sadness and feelings of unsexiness that i have to try to change by telling myself i am beautiful no matter what my husband likes, as long as i feel comfortable and cute when i look in the mirror. Confidence is the sexiest hairstyle.

  2. I allowed two years for my hair to grow out and before I read F.W. book. I will be more than happy to help support this!
    God bless,

  3. oops.. Sorry
    The hairstyle I like most is the lady in the upper left hand corner. I wear my hair most of the day just like that!! Or down with a lovely headband which I purchase from SOHO company.