Sunday, November 17, 2013

Editing and Technology and Vimeo, Oh My!

Thanks for sticking with us over the last few months!

We've been editing the episodes using a process that involves a number of step: first, lots of discussion about what material we have, what we think the thesis or argument of the chapter is, and then a potential narrative line. Second, Erin cuts together a rough draft over a week or so. Third,  Heather offers notes, and then Erin recuts the material.

This involves a lot of scheduling, both Erin and Heather are busy with other jobs, but also much technological support. Erin is in Utah and Heather is in Arizona.

Thank goodness for Google!

And once the chapter is posted, Heather still has many more notes for Erin.

We've had requests lately for the entire film on DVD. As you can imagine, this will involve more discussions and edits, as material, info, and images that are used in stand alone segments needs to be re-evaluated for a more cogent narrative.

Thanks for your support, as always, and wish us luck as we apply to film festivals.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Web series now available for subscribers!

The Fascinating Women documentary series is now available! When you subscribe you will receive the weekly emails with a web address for the latest video and the password to be able to view it. Each Friday a new segment will be shared with a private viewing link.

Please click on the Paypal link to purchase a subscription for $22, for the 8-part series.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Announcing Web Series

Announcing Fascinating Women Documentary in a series

New distribution & updates

We hope you're having fun in the sun this summer! The Fascinating Woman documentary team and Handkerchief Films is excited to announce the release of the first part of the documentary. We have decided to release the film online in an 8 part series. Thanks to you, our supporters for making this project possible!

Introducing all-new Docu-series

We will be releasing the Fascinating Women documentary through YouTube in 8 parts. Supporters will be given a password to be able to watch the newest Chapter in the series.

A note from our Director

Handkerchief Films is excited to be releasing the documentary in small parts as they are completed. We have enjoyed putting together the story behind this fun and controversial book. We want to hear from loyal supporters like you. Follow us on Facebook at "Fascinating Womanhood Documentary" and let us know what you think about our film series. Your feedback makes us better.
Please sign up and purchase a subscription to the series with our PayPal button on the side-bar >>>>>.  

— Erin Fox
Chapter 1, "The Book"
5 pm, YouTube link (password-protected)

Chapter 2, "Women on the Verge"
5 pm, YouTube link (password-protected)

Chapter 3, "Helen's Paradox"
5 pm, YouTube link

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Looking for Funding

Last week Erin interviewed with the Burton Foundation in Salt Lake City about funding to market the film once we've finished postproduction. These funds would help us create press packets and festival applications, as well as travel to festivals to promote the film.

We've got a few other options before us, including Arizona Arts grants and the like. If you know of a funding opportunity or a private donor that is interested in the film, please let us know. We've gotten very good at writing grants!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Erin's Past Films III

An excerpt from Erin's film about Salt Lake artist Dan Brady.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


"Hair styles men find appealing" from an early version of Fascinating Womanhood
I love when self-help books get specific about what a reader can do to change her life for the better. These are the tips that every reader must understand to know you've found the sage wisdom. Fascinating Womanhood has several gems, particularly, the hair and fashion guidelines. These tips for women to change their appearance suggest the change will bring greater success in marriage and relationships.

 Which hairstyle would you pick?

Have you noticed a difference when you change your hairstyle?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Brian Andelin, creative force

Brian Andelin, Executive Director of the Renaissance Society and Fascinating Womanhood.
An influential force behind the Fascinating Womanhood Documentary is Brian Andelin, the current Executive Director of the Renaissance Society. He manages the website and day-to-day operations of Fascinating Womanhood. He has made arrangements for interviews and introduced us to key people in the unfolding development of the film.  We interviewed Brian several weeks ago at the beautiful Salt Lake City Library downtown. Its always a pleasure visiting with Brian and we have appreciated his encouragement and creativity. Last time we talked he said, "if Beethoven and Handel had access to all the technology we have today they would be amazed because they were writing music with a bird feather!"
Brian Andelin, Executive Director of Renaissance Society and Erin Fox, film director.