Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spreading the Good Word

Gilly Kuehn was one of many certified instructors across America who taught the principles of Fascinating Womanhood in her community. These courses were often taught in neighborhood churches or a woman's home, lasting 10 weeks. Mrs. Kuehn taught FW courses for over 30 years and this experience led to her eventual position as couple's counselor at her church.

Irwin Zuckor Profile

Irwin Zuckor, book publicist in Beverly Hills, CA, represented Fascinating Womanhood among
hundreds of other self-publishing success stories, including Helen Gurley Brown (Sex and the
Single Girl
, 1962) and Paul Bragg (Cure Yourself, 1929).

Mr. Zuckor pinpoints the market value of Helen's book, and the competition in ideas it offered the American reading public.