Monday, July 2, 2012

Stephanie Probst Profile

Stephanie Probst, blogger on Feminist Mormon Housewives, wrote two posts about her book club's reading of Fascinating Womanhood that received over 900 comments from readers.

In Fascinating Womanhood the documentary, Probst discusses how contemporary women struggle to live by conflicting social ideals about women. Helen's book embodies one set of values that Probst feels is at odds with women's daily lives.

Helen's Thoughts on Submissiveness

Taken from Helen's website

"Women everywhere are fighting for their rights, not realizing that the way to win with men is to yield.  Once [a husband's] authority was recognized and honored he was more than willing to yield also. Most men are not nearly as difficult as they appear. They are usually struggling for position. When this is respected they relax and are more reasonable...
Submissiveness is a wonderful feminine quality, greatly valued by men, not just because it puts the ball in their hands, but because it is charming."