Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Brian Andelin, creative force

Brian Andelin, Executive Director of the Renaissance Society and Fascinating Womanhood.
An influential force behind the Fascinating Womanhood Documentary is Brian Andelin, the current Executive Director of the Renaissance Society. He manages the website and day-to-day operations of Fascinating Womanhood. He has made arrangements for interviews and introduced us to key people in the unfolding development of the film.  We interviewed Brian several weeks ago at the beautiful Salt Lake City Library downtown. Its always a pleasure visiting with Brian and we have appreciated his encouragement and creativity. Last time we talked he said, "if Beethoven and Handel had access to all the technology we have today they would be amazed because they were writing music with a bird feather!"
Brian Andelin, Executive Director of Renaissance Society and Erin Fox, film director.

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