Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Helen's Thoughts on Divorce

Below is an excerpt from her advice column at

"Regardless of which course one takes, or how right or wrong that course may be, my belief is that when marriages reach the stage of being unbearable, and those who feel locked into such a marriage feel suicidal, divorce will run rampant. This will be especially true when they compare themselves to those who are happily married and realize what they are missing, especially those who are enjoying the fruits of Fascinating Womanhood. As FW flourishes world wide, my prediction is that the world will come to a rude awakening. Men, especially will no longer put up with a self-interested slovenly homemaker who neglects his masculine need, tramples on his pride and makes his life a living hell. Things will get worse before they get better, until the rude awakening takes place and women either improve or become deserted."

Fascinating Womanhood in Japan

Hello, Erin here. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with Kiyoko Oka in Osaka about two weeks ago. Mrs. Oka translated Fascinating Womanhood into Japanese. She found FW while she was living in Denmark and inquired about a Japanese version and Helen B. Andelin asked her to translate the book.  She and her business associate Yucchi were hosting a seminar in Osaka on June 1-2 to counsel women about marriage. They use Fascinating Womanhood in the counselling discussion. I was able to film an interview with Kiyoko and Yucchi and film a discussion group. I am very pleased with the filming and looking forward to including it in the film!