Friday, June 22, 2012

How it all started...

This film project started long ago when Emily Fox was making art at BYU and formed a Rock band with Brian Andelin. Emily and Brian were talking about Brian's grandmother Helen B. Andelin and Erin butted into the conversation and said, "that would make a great film!" The first filming took place in Fall of 2010 in Utah. Emily and Erin subsequently flew to Tulsa, Oklahoma, rented a car and drove to the Andelin homestead near Monett, Missouri. We filmed at "Farmville" for 4 days and even stayed in the home where Mrs. Andelin lived before her passing in 2009. We heard first-hand accounts about the Fascinating Womanhood movement and Helen's difficult task of balancing work and home life. She was meticulous and organized and we saw it in her record keeping and tidy home.

Hunting for Clues

Since we started making the film in 2010, we have been looking for TV clips of Helen B. Andelin. We have an amazing intern named Jessica Rose Cooper, an amazing BYU film student. Jessica has been looking for exact dates of when Helen was on TV shows so we can locate a recording of the Show for the film. We're still looking but we're getting closer! Jessica found a bunch of hints:

Fascinating Womanhood film Post-production is Underway

Handkerchief Films is thrilled to be making a feature-length documentary about the classic book about femininity called *Fascinating Womanhood* by Helen B. Andelin. This book is very interesting to us for several reasons: historically, it was published in 1963 at the start of the 2nd wave of Feminism and the author, an LDS mother from the suburbs, was on talk shows and panels with the spokeswomen for the Women's liberation movement. Many of the techniques in the book really work for women and we want to explore why they work from a psychological standpoint. We want the film to generate a lot of discussion! We're running a Kickstarter project now until July 19, 2012 and would love to have your support to finish the film!