Monday, August 6, 2012

Future One-liners

Here we are hashing it out at the studio, reviewing footage, tying ideas together, living the dream. I've run across some great one-liners from our interviews. I may be saying these to the people around me over the next few weeks.

Sonja Farnsworth, Rhetorician. "As Mormon feminists, we didn't charm anybody."

Alissa Goodwin Snell, Dating Coach and Licensed Therapist. "A lot of women don't have confidence in themselves, don't truly love themselves. So they decide to read another book, or get another degree, because they don't think they're worth a man's attention."

Sannette Judy, Helen's sister-in-law. "You know, when Helen taught me how to do dishes, that completely changed my life."

Merrilee Saunders, Helen's youngest daughter. "Feminism has created a whole generation of weak men."

Stephanie Probst, Blogger. "I think each edition became longer because it took a lot more words to make the same concepts palatable."

Holly Welker, Scholar. "I wonder what Helen would think about 'cougars'."

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  1. nice. very classic. it's been so fun to be behind the scenes on this project. keep it up!